Need to engage your team with recognition & rewards?


Recognizing your employees should be simple.

Our employee recognition system is designed to promote engagement and simplify recognition in your workplace. With our tools, you can easily give kudos to team members, track recognition, and empower your employees to claim rewards and prizes.

  • Employee Recognition
  • Employee Rewards
  • Awards & Nominations
  • Employee Milestones

We believe that recognition is a vital part of building a positive, motivated, and engaged workforce. Our platform is designed to encourage employees to recognize each other’s achievements and contributions, fostering a culture of collaboration and appreciation. You can create a happier and more engaged workplace, boosting employee morale, retention, and overall success.

What we do

Quick Onboarding

Getting started is quick and painless. Our platform doesn’t require new infrastructure or systems to deploy. 100% web-based there is nothing to install.

Save You Money

Our subscription model is simple and less expensive than the other employee recognition and reward platforms.

Easy Integration

Our rewards process can be integrated into most existing employee portals and dashboards. No need to reinvent everything.



$199 / month

Up to 200 Employees

Custom Domain

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$1,900 / year

Save more than 20% per year

Up to 200 Employees

Custom Domain

Online Support

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$299+ / month

More than 200 Employees

Custom Domain

SMS Text Integration

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An exceptional experience in onboarding and engaging employees with the new platform.

– Brad

Integration with our current systems was seamless. Employees love using it.

– Sara

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